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Meadowbrook's Off Road                                CLEAR
Meadowbrook's Western Sky's                       CLEAR
Meadowbrook's High Class Broad                   CLEAR
Meadowbrook's Hustler                                  CLEAR
Skyblue's Kiss o' the Phantom.                      CLEAR
Naomi                                                          CLEAR
Romeo Sym for the Devil.                              CARRIER.
Meadowbrooks Sha-D Big girls don't Cry         CLEAR
Meadowbrooks Sha-D No permission needed  CLEAR
Meadowbrooks Sha-D Reap what you Sow      CLEAR
Meadowbrooks Sha-D What goes around        CLEAR
Meadowbrook's Outlaw                                  CARRIER
Meadowbrook's Sharp shooter                        CLEAR
Meadowbrook's Zig zag roads                         CLEAR
Meadowbrook's on the fritzs                            CLEAR

These our listings of dogs that we bred, own or co-own or whom we had tested  Or raised.

Meadowbrook's Western Skys. OFAca,OFAg, OFApat, TT
Meadowbrook's Off Road..Ofaca, Cerf, OFA pat. OFAg  TT
Meadowbrook's Hustler. OfaExcellent, Eb Normal
Meadowbrook's Bringin Down T' House- Is OFAca, OFAg,Cert
Meadowbrook's Baby Blue- Is OFAca,OFAf,Cert
Meadowbrook's Royal Panda- Is OFAca
Meadowbrook's Blue Hawaii-  OFAca
Meadowbrook's DC'S Badsst Chick Ofaca
Zima-Skyblue's bend in the End- OFA Heart and OFA Hips good.
Romeo-Skyblue's true as steel OFAca and OFA Hips Fair and PennHip
Cirkle C's White Sox- Sox. OFAca, OFAg, OFAel normal Cert
Skylar- OFAca, OFAg, Thyroid good
Naomi- OFAg, OFAelb normal.
Christian;s In the beginning. Ofaca,OfaF, Temperament Issues, offspring had Major skin issues. Bred Once at Meadowbrook's. Sent back to owner.